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In Datafolha SP. Haddad leads with 34% of the vote

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The poll on the Sao Paulo government dispute, published by Datafolha right now, shows PT Fernando Haddad (photo) with 34% of the vote.more than 20 percentage points advantage over its competitors.

The second in a new survey. is equal to 13% of the votesthey are Frequency:Incumbent Governor Tucan, one of the Republican candidates backed by Jair Bolsonaro Rodrigo Garcia. Blanks and zeros add up to 20%, and undecided – 9%.

Datafolha tested two scenarios, one in which Haddad does his best, one that does not involve the former governor. Marcio FranceFrom the PSB who can run for the Senate on a PT ticket.

In the second scenario, with France, Haddad has 28%, while the former governor is in the second – 16%; Tarcisio de Freitas has 12%, Rodrigo Garcia – 10%.

Datafolha interviewed 1806 voters in Sao Paulo on Tuesday (28) և between this Thursday (30) և. The query error threshold is two percent.

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