“In feminism, the easiest way is to encourage abortion,” says Zoe Martínez.

The Direct to the Point program promoted a debate on the main problems and challenges of women in society

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The debate involving the women’s bench debated the challenges of gender in society

debate’those for them‘ in Straight to the point This Monday, the 18th, brought out many topics about the universe of women. One of them was the decision of the Supreme Court United States to limit abortion and hand over autonomy on this matter to the states. Mulheres Positivas founder and presenter Fabi Saad was the one who introduced the topic. “When you have no purchasing power, you are in a difficult situation. Where you can go through a dangerous situation, which happens a lot in Brazil. Many women seek clandestine abortions and die,” she explained. In response, the commentator i New panZoe Martínez stated that there are other ways for women besides abortion. “We are going through judicial activism. A long time ago it was up to the States to decide on this, then it was unified at the federal level, what happened was just a reversal. Each state will decide. In the feminist movement, the easiest way is to encourage abortion. It would no longer be reasonable to do a psychological follow-up, write everything there if it is worth going through, because it leaves sequels. Is it the easiest way? Then you stop thinking ‘Oh my God, I’ve killed someone’. Feminists want to kill children, that’s what they want to do, kill everyone,” she said.

Asked if she supported the Brazilian legislation, which authorizes abortion in cases of fetal malformation, risk to the mother’s life and abortion, Zoe was very clear. “Each woman has to decide whether or not she wants to have a child, each case is different. Just getting through the situation. I wouldn’t, but I advocate for women to decide,” she explained. Also participating in the debate was YouTuber Bárbara Destefani, from the channel ‘Te Atualizei’, who gave advice to women who are thinking of having an abortion. “We know what it is because we conceive, we create a life. It is an irreparable transformation for women’s lives. Are you very careful about what you are rejecting from your life? that God gave you. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the peak of love that a human being can have.” The panel also talked about the sexualization of children, Brazilian legislation in cases of rape AND
women’s relations with social networks.

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