In Hawaii, they started a company to remove carbon dioxide from the ocean.  it's cheaper և practical than air.English 

In Hawaii, they started a company to remove carbon dioxide from the ocean. it’s cheaper և practical than air.

A Hawaiian startup offers to fight excess carbon dioxide on Earth by capturing CO2 directly from ocean waters, not from the atmosphere. Traditionally, carbon dioxide is captured from the entire exhaust stream while producing something or filtered from the air. Carbon removal from the oceans can be a cost-effective alternative to these methods, promising a more efficient way of capturing greenhouse gases.

Image source: Sarah Lee / Unsplash

According to modern scientists, the so-called twilight layer of the ocean is 200 to 1000 meters deep, where little light penetrates. about 6 billion tons of carbon are connected every year. This natural plant itself fights CO2 emissions around the world, but this fight leads to an increase in the acidity of ocean waters. As a result, the natural world of the oceans is affected: corals, crayfish shells are destroyed due to increased acidity, և plankton growth is reduced.

Scientists can not say for sure how much the ocean can reduce excess carbon emissions into the atmosphere when this mechanism fails. Carbon sequestration from ocean waters can help oceans restore or maintain self-regulatory mechanisms. Moreover, carbon is extracted from water not on its own, but in the process of synthesis of hydrochloric acid. The Hawaiian company Heimdal developed and started the production of hydrochloric acid from ocean water with the return of desalinated water. By doing so, it reduces the acidity of the water as much as possible, removes carbon from it, and makes a profit from the sale of chemical raw materials to companies that need it. If the process shows its economic benefit, Heimdahl will expand production.

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