In Poland, no operator is a leader in 5G Internet

5G technology has entered Polish homes and operators are catching the eye with messages about “5G Internet” at every step. The catch is that 5G is actually still in its infancy in Poland and will only spread its wings in a few months, maybe even a dozen, after a successful 5G auction and the launch of 5G in a dedicated frequency band. Now we only have one replacement for “real 5G”.

5G is coming under the roof

Plus announced this week that all of its customers, regardless of the plan purchased, will be able to use 5G. Vectra, in turn, provided all its customers with free access to 5G at the end of 2022, but serves significantly fewer users of mobile offers. The measures taken by the operators and changes to the offer mean that more and more people can use 5G technology.

It happens that I do too, but I have manually turned off the 5G connectivity on my smartphone because I see no reason why – as a customer using the Play range – I would use it. But even if I were a Plus customer who calls himself a “leader in 5G technology,” I would too. Because while it actually excels in terms of download speed, it’s no longer “the best” in other aspects – the competition with lower download speeds performs better on average upload speeds and latency (the lower, the better).

There is no undisputed 5G leader in Poland. According to data collected by RFBenchmark in February 2023, the highest average download speed was Plus (151 Mbps), the highest average upload speed was T-Mobile (38.4 Mbps), and the lowest lag was Play ( 29.2ms ).

5G Internet speed in Poland in February 2023 (Photo:

However, pro forma, it should be noted that Plus will tell you the password “5G technology leader in Poland” refers to the highest technological speed of 5G Internet (due to the use of 2600 MHz TDD band) and the largest population coverage. These facts cannot be disputed, but they do not change the fact that with a holistic (i.e. holistic) approach, no operator is ahead of its competition. We are curious to see whether this will change once the Internet has started in the 3.6 GHz frequency band, because the potential is huge.

How fast is 4G and 3G internet in Poland?

In February 2023, users of the RFBenchmark application performed a total of 420,552 tests – 10.54% of the measurements were already performed in 5G technology (in January 2023 it was 9.6%). The 4G network is still the most popular (83.9% of the polls) and the least popular is the 3G network (5.56%), which will be switched off in April at T-Mobile and in 2025 at Orange.

For 4G internet, the highest average download speed was provided by T-Mobile (43.9 Mbps), while Play provided both the highest average upload speed (22.8 Mbps) and the lowest latency (31. 7 ms). For 3G Internet, the highest average download and upload speeds were recorded by T-Mobile (13.8 Mbps and 5.9 Mbps, respectively) and the lowest lag by Play (36.4 ms).

4G and 3G Internet speed in Poland in February 2023 Orange Play Plus operator T-Mobile RFBenchmark Photo:
4G and 3G Internet speed in Poland in February 2023 (Photo:

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