In Spain, the train is surrounded by forest fires

The train that stops on the free route, surrounded by flames. A video of a train passenger in Spain shows scenes from a disaster movie.

Passengers photograph the forest fire during a train journey. © Francisco Seoane Perez/AP/dpa

Terrible scenes were recorded by a train passenger in Spain. due to the forest fires there, the train had to stop in the state of Zamora in the northwest of the country, while the fire broke out left and right. from the tracks.

The passenger who posted the clip said he was traveling from Madrid to the port city of Ferrol on Monday when the train was due to stop at Sanabria around 9:30am. The recording first shows the fire on the right side of the carriage, while moving on the left side, several meters high flames are also visible on the other side of the train. Meanwhile, other passengers watch as the flames spread rapidly.

Of the video, which has now been viewed more than 600,000 times, the traveler wrote: “Moments of panic on the Madrid-Ferrol train.” After a few minutes, however, the train was able to continue its journey.

The railway company Renfe later announced that train services in the affected area were initially suspended due to a fire on the tracks.

It is currently burning in many places in Spain, with 22 fires still active on Monday, according to civil protection. A drought that has lasted for months, a heat wave that officially hit Spain on July 9 with temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius and high winds have contributed to the fire’s ignition and spread.

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