In the Magé district, the sign is becoming a meme

The plaque was released on Instagram, the official page of the city of Maje, as part of the improvement of Garincha’s birthplace.

It would be a badge of praise for another place, if not for its name, a plate full of jokes and double-entendres. A sign with the phrase “Eu amo Pau Grande” posted in Pau Grande, Magé, Baixada Fluminense ended up going viral on social media.

The plaque was posted on Instagram on the official page of the town of Maje as part of the beautification of the neighborhood where soccer star Mane Garrincha (1933-1983) was born. “Look at how beautiful Montes Square is in Pau Grande,” the post said.

It didn’t take long for netizens to speak up and the photo went viral. “Also ADOOORO Pau Grande!” one follower joked. “Kkkkkkkkkkk, I can’t believe the municipality put this up,” wrote another, who received a comment with a smiling crying emoji posted by the page’s administrator. “We saw the evil in your heart. We installed the sign only at the request of the people.” To those who were concerned about becoming a joke, the municipality’s response was: “It’s for laughing, for crying (with excitement) and for being happy.”

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