In the spirit of the World Cup, Nike launches the film “Veste a Garra”

Nike premieres the film “Veste a Garra”, a campaign that begins the celebration of the Brazilian national team on its way to the biggest stage of world football. Inspired by the determination of Brazilians and all professional and amateur players, who have their shirts on and off the field, but who manage to escape adversity and keep going.

The film features Nike partner players and athletes, such as strikers Rodrygo and Adriana Silva, under-20 star Endrick and skateboarder Leticia Bufoni. Additional appearances include rapper Djonga, funk singer MC Hariel, presenter Fred from Canal Desimpedidos, tap dancer Jonathan Santos and LGBTQIA+ collective Meninos Bons de Bola. The soundtrack is a grime session made by three MCs: Nina, Febem and Sodomite. According to Rodrygo:

“Nothing in my life has come for free. I knew from a young age that without courage I would not get anywhere. Wearing the jersey of the Brazilian team is the greatest honor a footballer can have in his life. And I want a lot more. I want to write history.”

Created by Nike and Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo, the film explores three different concepts: shirt pulling, dribbling and fighting. Retreat represents all the difficulties, perrengues of life. Dribbling represents the Brazilian swing, demonstrating the strength of togetherness against obstacles. And determination is what is born in the Brazilian soul, it is integrated in their DNA, in their desire to go out, play and win, even against all odds.

Watch the movie:

Gustavo Viana, Marketing Director of Fisia, official distributor of Nike do Brasil, comments:

“When we talk about overcoming, Brazilian culture immediately comes to mind. Dribbling is part of Brazilian everyday life, whether we’re throwing a pencil on the field or dribbling a sea of ​​people on a crowded subway platform, we always overcome obstacles.”

The 60-second production contains graphic interventions of the jaguar, Brazil’s national symbol, which inspires the innovative print on the official shirt of the Brazilian national team. It represents the strength of the nation, connecting the ferocity of the animal in the forest and the Brazilian player on the field – either on the immaculate pitch of the world’s major leagues, or on any clay pitch of the millions around the world. Brazil.

The story unfolds in a series of inspirations that go beyond traditional football, approaching different elements of Brazilian culture. Among the moves, hats, dribbles, carts and kicks, the concept of claw appears in children’s play in the middle of the street, on the ground, in the flood zone, on the field, in society and even on the river dock, which enhances the improvisation that only Brazilians have.

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