In Wishes, Publicis Groupe brings Michael Douglas to talk about HPV

In addition to the actor, the traditional campaign also featured group leaders Arthur Sadun and Maurice Levy.

Publicis released its traditional year-end film this Tuesday (1) called Helpful Wishes, but unlike other years where the group celebrated its achievements, in 2022 they decided to use the space to raise awareness about the HPV virus.

Traditionally, the video features Arthur Sadun, CEO and Chairman of Publicis Groupe, and Maurice Levy, his predecessor and current Chairman of the Group’s Supervisory Board. The topic of HPV is particularly personal for Sadun, who was diagnosed with and treated for cancer related to the virus earlier this year.

During the film, Arthur and Maurice talk about the year 2022, and the current CEO presents data that 80% of adults are infected with HPV, and the conversation goes from there. The campaign stars actor Michael Douglas, who has also been diagnosed with HPV-related cancer.

Helpful Wishes was produced by Le Truc in association with Prodigious.


It should be remembered that Arthur and Maurice are not performing together for the first time. In the 2021 holiday message, bosses also appeared on film when they announced that colleagues in the group would be able to work from anywhere in the world for six weeks in 2022.


In June 2020, the leaders faced a 007-style mission with a tense soundtrack and a lot of good humor. Produced by agency Marcel, Yes We Cannes follows their journey from Publicis headquarters in Paris.


In the 2020 holiday film, the leaders also starred in a performance together. The campaign showed the two in complete social isolation, baring their bellies and masks, lounging on the couch in their best style. The idea was to publicize the virtual meeting with the company’s 80,000 employees.


In 2019, Sadoon abandoned major production and recorded with only a smartphone and assistant Levy. Throughout the recording, they display all the mastery of footage, audio, stability and editing.


In 2018, the video shows Marcel being adapted into a robot whose screen doesn’t work very well in the office.


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