Income Tax 2023: Check Return Batch Calendars

Briefly, the amount that the taxpayer overpaid during the previous year is refunded in the Income Tax Refund.

Income Tax 2023: Check Return Batch Calendars

According to reports: IRSA taxpayer is entitled to a refund when the Federal Revenue assesses a higher tax payment than should have been made at the time of the Income Tax filing. This calculation is done automatically based on current law, in which case the Federal Revenue refunds the difference to the taxpayer.

Several factors contribute to a citizen’s right to a profit tax refund. As it is necessary to consider the amount of costs and taxes withheld at source and also to understand the need for refund within the legal parameters.


The IRS explains that there’s no exact way to know which batch your refund will come in; known to be announced as soon as possible income tax is delivered, the taxpayer should receive the refund sooner, if applicable.

In addition, it is necessary to keep in mind that the first batch is aimed at priority groups, such as the elderly, the disabled, and this year it will also be addressed. who use a pre-filled statementaccording to the IRS.

The Federal Revenue Service issues a batch advice a few days before the payment. It is possible to get acquainted with the process through the website or through the application intended for individuals.

How to consult a refund over the web?

To consult your 2023 income tax return, you need to go to the Federal Revenue website, search for “my income tax” and click on “consult my return”. Therefore, the taxpayer needs to click on the ‘start’ option and inform the CPF and date of birth to carry out the consultation.

How to check IR 2023 compensation through application?

It is necessary to download the app for individuals, however, be careful to make sure you are using the correct app as the developer of the app should be the Brazilian government.

After logging in, you need to click on the “request a refund” option. Therefore, it is necessary to inform your CPF and select 2022, as the 2023 income tax return is based on the 2022 base calendar.


The Income Tax Return Payment Batch Calendar has been released by the Federal Revenue Service, check it:

Scheduled batch/payment date

  • 1st batchMay 31;
  • 2nd batch – June 30;
  • 3rd batch – July 31;
  • 4th batch – August 31;
  • 5th batch – September 29.

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