Income tax. learn how to access the income statement on your investment transactions in B3

As of the next 15th, the annual income tax declaration period will begin. Must file an income tax return between March 15 and May 31, so 2022 income must be reported to the IRS.

Income tax. learn how to access the income statement on your investment transactions in B3

Check out how to detail your investments referring to 2022 through its earnings report from the Brazilian stock exchange (B3).

investor area

According to the official information, enter the investor area (B3) of the Brazilian stock exchange. Therefore, it is necessary to consult the “investor area” list, as this will give you more information about loan repayments.

active loans

The Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3) explains that the investor area displays information about active loan contracts. Therefore, this is an income statement for this purpose. Therefore, the “notify” menu will only be displayed if the investor had an active loan agreement during 2022.


According to the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3), to obtain information on stock returns, investors should look to the accounting bank of the companies in which they are shareholders.

About accounting bank

The accounting bank can be consulted in the investor area Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3). For this, you need to click on the option related to the asset you want to consult, this way you will be able to get detailed information, because you can see the name of the accounting bank.

Quick access

In addition, the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3) explains that it is also possible to consult on the official website, on the main page, through the “quick access” menu, in this way, you must click on the “listed companies” option. . Therefore, it is necessary to find the name of the company in which he has shares and click on the “contact” option.

clear your doubts

If you have questions about your investment income tax return, you can contact the exclusive service channel of the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3), as you will be able to get information about income statements and answer other questions about income tax in general.

consult an accountant

It may be possible to consult a specialist calculator file your income tax return correctly, as it is very important that the information is reported correctly. That way you can declare all your income correctly.

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