Income tax return. 3rd batch counseling will be available this week

Taxpayers from all over Brazil will be able to make their request from Friday (22). income tax return, which is in the 3rd batch. However, even with the release of the Federal Revenue, payments will not begin until July 29.

Therefore, the deposits that refer to income tax return will be made to the bank account that the taxpayer declared in the declaration. Therefore, if you would like more information on this topic, continue reading this Monday’s (18) News Contest article to find out how to proceed.

Consult the 3rd Batch of Income Tax Returns

If the refund is not entered, you should check some questions to understand why. For example, the bank account you entered may not be active. In such cases, the amount will be available for repayment up to a maximum of one year through Banco do Brasil.

In order to avoid problems, it is necessary to delay the amount through the bank’s communication channels, which are:

  • 0800-729-0001 (other locations);
  • 4004-0001 (capital cities / capital regions);
  • 0800-729-0088 (hearing impaired).
Income tax return. The 3rd batch of consultations will be available later this week: Canva Pro

What are the refunds?

A refund consists of a refund of overpaid amounts on the income tax return. The IRS then refunds the balance, which the taxpayer can repay. Refunds are usually issued against tax deductions.

Moreover, deductions are tax reduction terms. In this way, the debt becomes less than the income tax withheld (IRRF). We can single out among the reduced costs:

  • Education;
  • Medical;
  • donations;
  • Expenditure on food;
  • Expenses related to dependents;
  • Private and social security.

How to request a refund?

To make the query, you need to log on to the official Revenue website to check whether the return has been published. Follow the steps below for more details.

  • When entering an email address, click on the “My income tax” icon;
  • Then select “Consult a refund”.

This procedure also allows you to check for pending problems that stop the refund, i.e. the so-called fine mesh. Then, if inconsistencies are found, simply send a statement fixing the pending issues. Through the Meu Imposto de Renda app, old IR declaration consultations are also available.

If you still have questions, just log in to the revenue portal, enter your personal information, and the information about the taxpayer will be displayed. For example, you can see if there are income tax refund issued, date, value, among other things.

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