Incredible! is relaunching the brand with Change Tastes Incredible.

Eight influencers selected by Squid will participate in the promotion

Incrível!, the 100% plant-based food line, is launching a brand relaunch campaign called Change Tastes Incredible.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage the public to develop new habits in food choices and to reinforce that the brand is “flexible”, ie for everyone, including meat lovers.

“We want to reach all audiences, from those who are less inclined to information about nutritional values ​​to a more adapted generation who are looking for novelty, are ready to create new habits and show that it is necessary to add new quality, not replace. options on the table,” said Camille Lau, Incrível!’s Marketing Director.

With eight influencer ambassadors and a three-month campaign, Squid will implement it through content creators’ social networks.

“The main goal of working with a segmented group of influencers is to make it tangible so that everyone can start a new eating routine in their daily lives,” explained Julia Leo, director of community strategy and customer success at Squid.

Ambassador influencers will be Rafael Infante, Willian Peters, Lily Almeida, Camila Fremder, Bruna Frog, Lucas Barreto, Kafira and Lucas Silvestre.

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