Incredible. This Windows actually seems immortal

Microsoft would see most of its users on Windows 11 by now, but that’s a long way off. Not only does Windows 10 rule, but “the week” seems to be immortal.

The latest Windows statistics

StatCounter systematically provides us with data on the market shares of individual versions of the most popular operating system in the world. Although there are changes every month, looking at the latest list, there is no doubt that Microsoft would like to see slightly different charts.

Much has been said about the very slow transition of users to Windows 11, and this is what worries the manufacturer the most. Some will say it’s self-incrimination, citing problematic hardware requirements, questionable UI and feature changes, and controversial ads, for example. Windows 11 still hasn’t managed to exceed 20% of the market share, and in no time we’ll be approaching 1.5 years since its release.


Windows 10 is fine, but who uses unsupported Windows 7?

On the throne is unchangeable Windows 10, which has more than 3 times the result, in January it recorded over 68% market shares. And there are no signs that it will begin to lose its popularity in the near future. Even the first signals about the manufacturer’s abandonment of this version of the system in the form of the end of sales on the website. Here we remind you that Windows 10 will be supported (so it will receive updates) until October 14, 2025. And it will probably be with it until the very end.

And it is possible even longer, as shown by the statistics for Windows 7. This has already been completely abandoned by Microsoft (similar to Windows 8.1, but it was never very popular among users), and yet, according to StatCounter data, it has almost 10% market share. Due to the fact that an unsupported system is still running, it will be difficult to convince people who stay with it to upgrade to something newer. Warnings about the security risks associated with using such a version of the system, as you can see, did not work.

Many of you were also Windows 7 users. When did you switch to newer software? Well, unless you’re among the group that still hasn’t?

Source: StatCounter

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