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India’s decision against Android is a setback for the local market, Google says

Illustration: Cecilia Marins/Mobile Time

Google rejected this Friday, the 21st, the fine imposed by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) of 13.3 billion rupees (192 million US dollars in current arbitration) for anti-competitive practices in the Android ecosystem.

In response to Reuters, a company spokesperson said the decision was a major “setback” for companies and users using the platform in the country. Google also said that Android has given Indian users more options and that the CCI’s decision poses security risks and could increase the price of handsets in India.


Applied last Thursday, the 20th, the regulator’s penalty was based on the fact that Google used its leading position in the Android search engine and app store to take the lead in the navigation and online video system, with Google Chrome apps and YouTube. In addition to the fine, the Indian regulator called for changes to Android and restricted some of the company’s revenue-sharing agreements with handset makers, noting that such practices helped Google guarantee the exclusivity of its search services “with complete exclusion of competitors.

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