Inflation didn’t spare Apple’s absurd product

For a few weeks now, you’ve been afraid to check the Apple Store because you can see that the price of a product has been quietly increased. However, the manufacturer finds it difficult to boast that the product that has been available for some time has become more expensive and you have to pay more for it. It turns out that the price of the most absurd has also increased. And there will be customers who will buy it anyway.

Apple has been increasing the prices of its devices and more for a few weeks

It comes as no surprise to us that the Cupertino giant’s latest products are more expensive than their direct predecessors, although it’s not easy to swallow an increase of over PLN 1000. Let’s recall how much the new iPhones and iPads cost, and how much their direct predecessors cost at the time of the Polish premiere:

Unfortunately, this isn’t the end of the hikes – after the premiere of new iPads, Apple also increased the prices of the 2021 iPad mini and 2022 iPad Air. In the first case from 600 to 1000 PLN and in the second from 700 to even 1100 PLN. We’re also about to debut new MacBooks – you can expect the manufacturer to “update” the prices of its machines soon.

Apple’s absurd product also increased. Inflation saves nothing

Even before the premiere of the new iPhones, Apple raised the prices for Mac Pro wheels from the already absurd PLN 3499 to the even more absurd level of PLN 4199. Inflation did not spare the legs either, which rose from PLN 1,499 to PLN 1,799. To be precise, these are the prices for the wheels or feet only, without computers.

It turns out this isn’t the only product from the Cupertino giant that has seen its price increase since its debut. The Apple cleaning cloth has also become more expensive – initially it cost 99 PLN, today you have to pay 119 PLN for it, which is up to 20% more.


according to manufacturer, With this soft, scratch-resistant cloth you can safely and effectively clean all Apple displays, including those with nanostructured glassand there’s even a list of compatible devices on the product page, as ridiculous as it sounds.

The Apple cleaning cloth has become the subject of ridicule and jokes, but apparently there are still plenty of buyers as the manufacturer continues to sell it. However, unlike his devices, it is a simple piece of cloth, in no way different from much cheaper cloths. Well maybe, except it has a company logo in one of the corners. So much. Or maybe that much?

Aha: if you still wanted to buy this shawl, then you can find it in other stores at lower prices, but still unjustifiably high, because from ~ 90 PLN.

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