Inflation is crazy, but at least we have cheap mobile internet

Does the ubiquitous price spike in Poland also apply to the internet? Turns out we’re lucky in that regard. Many countries can envy us – we have very cheap mobile internet. Israel or Italy, however, beat us.

Although inflation gives us a hard time, the Poles have reason to be satisfied. Our country is located on 21st place among the countries of the world regarding the amount of costs we have to pay 1 gigabyte of internet.’s most recent report analyzed mobile internet prices in 233 countries around the world. It seems that we have nothing to complain about on this point.


Mobile Internet in Poland – we have reason to be satisfied

In Poland, we will pay on average 1 GB of mobile internet $0.41while the cheapest deals even offer it for as little as $0.14. How do these results compare to the rest of the world?

According to the report, the most expensive regions are Saint Helena, the Falkland Islands and Saint Thomas. There we will take turns paying for a gigabyte of internet 41, 38.5 and almost $30. Next come Tokelau ($18) and Yemen ($16.58).

However, there are places that even Poles envy. This is Israel – there we will only pay for one gigabyte $0.04! Italy came second ($0.12), followed by San Marino ($0.15) and India ($0.17).

The price that the Poles will have to pay to access the Internet is nevertheless one of the most advantageous in Europe – for comparison, our neighbors Czechs for 1 GB they will pay up to $3, while Swiss up to $7.37.

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