Inflation. the cost of the basic food basket increases in 12 Brazilian capitals

The cost of the basic food basket increased in November in 12 of the 17 capitals where the Inter-Union Department for Statistics and Socio-Economic Research (Dieese) conducts the National Basic Food Basket Survey, according to Agência Brasil.

Inflation. the cost of the basic food basket increases in 12 Brazilian capitals

Between October and November more expressive heights occurred in Belo Horizonte (4.68%), Florianópolis (2.96%), São Paulo (2.69%) and Goiânia (2.03%). Reductions were recorded in Salvador (-2.12%), João Pessoa (-1.28%), Recife (-1.27%), Natal (-1.12%) and Aracaju (-0.69%).

official data

According to the survey, São Paulo was the capital city where the basic food basket had the highest cost in November (Rs 782.68), followed by Porto Alegre (Rs 781.52), Florianopolis (Rs 776.14), Rio de Janeiro (Rs. 749.25 dollars). ) and Campo Grande (R$738.53).

In the North and Northeast cities, where the composition of the basket is different, the lowest average values ​​were recorded in Aracaju (R$511.97), Salvador (R$550.67), Recife (R$551.30) and João Pessoa. (R$552.43), reports Agência Brasil.


Compared to November of last year, all the surveyed capitals had higher prices, variations ranging from 5.06% in Recife and 16.54% in Belo Horizonte. The survey also found that the minimum wage needed to support a family of four in November would be R$6,575.30, or 5.43 times the minimum wage of R$1,212.00.

In October, the necessary amount was 6458.86 rubles and corresponds to 5.33 times of the minimum tax. In November 2021, the required minimum amount would be R$5,969.17, or 5.43 times the current amount of R$1,100.00, according to Agência Brasil.


According to the study, among the products whose prices increased in 13 of the 17 capitals surveyed, tomatoes were up 3.85% in Natal and 27.86% in Belo Horizonte. The price of the product decreased in Aracaju (-7.96%), Salvador (-3.85%), João Pessoa (-2.28%) and Recife (-0.94%).

During the 12 months, the price of fruit decreased in 14 cities, especially Natal (-33.93%), Fortaleza (-29.45%) and Aracaju (-29.04%). The donation was little because the fruits in the end vintage vintage winter and mild climate.

Capital cities

According to official data, there was an increase in all capital cities during the 12 months, with an emphasis on Goiania (27.46%) and Fortaleza (21.47%). The price of black beans increased in Florianopolis (0.85%) and Curitiba (1.92%) and decreased in Porto Alegre (-1.96%), Vitoria (-1.80%) and Rio de Janeiro (-1. .15%). Over the 12 months, values ​​decreased in all cities, especially Florianopolis (-17.91%) and Vitoria (-17.81%).

the price of coffee dust decreased in 15 of 17 cities, with declines ranging from -1.84% in Porto Alegre to -0.16% in Campo Grande. In Natal (0.20%) and Belém (0.28%) price increases were recorded. Over the 12 months, the price of coffee increased in all capital cities, with emphasis in Recife (51.07%) and São Paulo (40.13%).

Whole milk fell in price in all capitals, ranging from -9.94% in Natal to -0.34% in Campo Grande. The average price of milk over the 12 months was high in all cities, at 24.42% in Belém and 43.25% in Recife, Agência Brasil said.

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