Influenza and coronavirus are straining hospitals


The flu epidemic is currently putting more pressure on hospitals than the coronavirus, says the director of the Department of Health, Dr. Frank Renken. © dpa/Schütze

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In the hospitals of Dortmund, the overlap between the flu and the current corona wave is increasingly noticeable. The number of Covid patients in intensive care units increased from 8 to 15 in one week, the number of ventilated patients from 1 to 7. “The winter or Christmas wave continues,” Health Department chief Birgit Zoerner said on Tuesday (12/20/2012). .

However, the flu further strained Dortmund’s healthcare system, with a new record number of patients. The current challenges in hospital care are “significantly affected by the flu, not the coronavirus,” said Health Department Chief Dr. Frank Renken.

Just last week, Renken confirmed that the current wave of flu has the potential to be “one of the strongest we’ve seen so far.” This now seems to be confirmed. “We now have about 300 reports. We never had that back then,” Renke said Tuesday (Dec. 20). Otherwise, numbers in the single or lower two-digit range are common. Dortmund is in line with the national trend.

Renken’s advice: get a flu shot. Those who have been vaccinated are likely to have protection against the strains of the virus that are most common now.

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