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A new test of patience for commuters and commuters in NRW: Deutsche Bahn announces further train cancellations and restrictions for the next 7 weeks. These lines are affected.

According to Deutsche Bahn, a “restricted summer timetable” will apply for the next 7 weeks. © photo alliance/dpa

Due to staff shortages at Deutsche Bahn (DB), train travelers in North Rhine-Westphalia will have to prepare for further disruptions in regional transport over the next seven weeks.

Due to a high level of sick leave due to an increase in corona cases among staff, there are further restrictions on train traffic, DB Regio NRW announced on Friday. Also, the very high level of construction activity would tie up the capacities of control centers and train drivers. A “restricted summer schedule” with about 95 percent of regular train service is in place until and including September 18.

Where regular connections fail, there are “usually parallel lines” in coordination with local transport associations Rhine-Ruhr (VRR), Rhineland (NVR) and Westphalia-Lippe (NWL), he said.

These lines and connections are affected:

  • of Regional train (RB32) from Duisburg to Dortmund it only runs eight times a day in each direction from Monday to Friday. On weekends, the trains RB32 out. As an alternative, passengers can use S2 trains that run parallel on sections of the route. In addition, buses are mainly used during off-peak hours and on weekends.
  • From Saturday (July 30) there will be no weekend trains on the line RB40 between Essen via Witten to Hagen. There, passengers could switch to the regional express (RE16), among others, the railway wrote. Many other local transport lines run between Essen and Bochum, as well as Witten and Hagen.
  • For now longest line removed RE49 According to information, RE5 and RE19 as well as S3 and S9 are still available as alternatives from Wesel via Oberhausen to Wuppertal.
  • of Line S6 runs regularly between Düsseldorf Hbf and Langenfeld. From Langenfeld to Cologne-Mülheim more replacement buses and the S11 line is available from Cologne-Mülheim to Cologne-Worringen. In the Cologne area, the S6 line will be canceled until September 18.
  • IN Line RE16/RB91 feeder between Letmathe and Iserlohn is no longer required. DB Regio has set up a bus service on the section of the route, he said.
  • of RB46 from Gelsenkirchen via Wanne-Eickel to Bochum runs every hour from Monday to Friday. There is a rail replacement bus service at weekends.
  • IN RE42 between Munster and Essen the intermediate loop is removed. Passengers can transfer to the RE2 parallel, which also serves RE42 stops between Münster and Essen on selected morning and evening connections.
  • from As of August 15th, RE8 will be cancelled. From Monday to Friday there are only two trips at 6.01 am from Kaldenkirchen to Cologne Messe-Deutz and at 4.26 pm in the opposite direction. Parallel lines run along the entire route, including RB27.

Customers can get information about the timetable at “zuginfo.nrw”, “www.bahn.de” and DB Navigator. Schedule information shows canceled connections in a short notice. In addition, DB Regio NRW informs passengers about I tweet.

Wuppertal deletes individual journeys from the timetable

Wuppertaler Stadtwerke (WSV) announced on Friday that bus transport was struggling with an “extremely high level of sick leave” among staff. Therefore, the travel offer must be “adjusted temporarily”. Individual trips will be removed from the schedule. Amid the summer holidays, more than 80 drivers were reported sick on individual days. With a total of about 850 employees in the driving service, the failures could no longer be fully compensated with substitutes, the WSV reported. This is all the more unfortunate because the €9 ticket aims to attract more people to public transport.



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