Innova AATB is creating the position of Chief Customer Service Officer

Mauricio Fernando arrives to take over with a mission to work in the agency’s four branches

Innova AATB has announced the arrival of Mauricio Fernando as Chief Customer Service Officer, a role recently created by the agency.

The executive, who has more than 25 years of experience in the advertising market and the third sector, comes with the challenge of following the structure of the agency and will work in four branches of the agency, managing more than 25 staff serving around 20 employees. customers.

“Innova is an agency known for the quality of delivery of all its projects. I arrive with the great challenge of assuming a strategic position, leading dedicated teams and following the work of each client,” said Mauricio.

The professional has already held leadership and management positions, working directly in the development of campaigns for brands, always with a performance bias. In addition, he was Marketing Manager at Casa Hope, worked at Jotacom for 13 years and led the launch and launch of the 270B agency in Brazil. Clients served include Movile, Cyrela, Brasilcap, Givenchy, Mercado Livre, Smiles, Ontex, Avocados From Mexico and more.

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