Inside, NASA fears a Chinese takeover of the moon as China plans a lunar base

CHINA has unveiled plans to take over the aerospace industry, raising concerns among NASA officials.

From the moon to Mars, China has been vocal about its ambitions in space exploration.


China has unveiled plans to take over the aerospace industry, raising concerns among NASA officials.Credit: Getty

One such plan involves sending a manned mission to the moon and building a lunar base.

This plan also includes the development of a system to detect and destroy asteroids headed for Earth,

Specifically, China hopes to use the moon as a “shield” as part of its action plan to protect Earth from asteroid impacts, according to AS.

This reportedly does not sit well with NASA officials, who have expressed concern that China has ulterior motives.

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“We have to be very worried that China will land on the moon and say: now it’s ours and you stay out,” NASA director Bill Nelson said earlier this month.

In addition, China plans to work hand in hand with Russia to build its own lunar base by 2035.

Tensions between NASA and Russia’s Roscosmos have also escalated after Russia recently abandoned the International Space Station (ISS).

Yuri Borisov, the new head of Roscosmos, told the meeting: “The decision to leave the station after 2024 has been made.”

Another Chinese mission

Other important space missions for China include the exploration of Jupiter and the return of samples from Mars.

Bringing back samples from Mars – a feat both NASA and ESA hope to achieve – appears to be one of China’s most important goals.

The plan was recently outlined by Wu Weiren, a senior scientist at the China National Space Administration.

According to Weiren, China would land on the red planet with a capsule that would collect samples.

The capsule would be equipped with an ascent vehicle (or small rocket) that would fly the samples to the orbiter.

The orbiter would then transport the collection back to Earth.

“The spacecraft for the sample return mission to the Red Planet will be much heavier than the lunar probes because it will carry more fuel to fly for a very long distance. Therefore, we need to build a powerful launch vehicle to transport the spacecraft.” Weiren said.

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China’s biggest rocket maker, the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology in Beijing, has indicated that its engineers are currently building a super-heavy rocket called the Long March 9.

Experts believe this rocket could be used for potential manned missions to the moon, as well as other deep space missions in the future.

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