Insiders revealed the release date of Redfall

Insiders provide ą, ż shootersę We will already play Redfallż on May 2nd. I know you are not official, and for confirmation – or denial – we will probably wait until the Developer_Direct event on January 25th.

Wieści was the first to pass eXtas1s. “If he doubts a little more, it can be 100% confirmed that Redfall will be released on May 2, 2023 – wrote the informant who, for example, discovered Overdose by Hideo Kojima.

A set of emotions that point to an identical date was published by Brad Sams, although the familiarity was removed just as quickly. This journalist can stand up to praise at least the first news about the Xbox Series S, even before the console was announced.

Both insiders therefore have some experience when it comes to behind-the-scenes activities in the gaming world. Earlier, the release of Redfall in May – but without specifying a specific date – was written by the Windows Central service, usually also well informed. It is the first week of this month – what seems to be the end is secured; belt perfect.

The answers will probably be given by the aforementioned Developer_Direct, scheduled for January 25, starting at 9:00 p.m. The party is said to have abundance on the premiere date, also in the case of the new Forza Motorsport or Minecraft Legends.

So there will be plenty of time to define exactly what Redfall is. Sagittarius Arkana Austin entertains&egogon; alone or in cooperation, and four available characters fight against the scourge of vampires. Całość but more reminiscent of Far Cry than Left 4 Dead.

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