INSS. The commission publishes works approved for Congeps

The International Congress of Social Security Management (Congeps) registered a total of 132 works, including oral and digital communication and a panel of good practices, according to the National Institute of Social Security (Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social).INSS:).

INSS. The commission publishes works approved for Congeps

The evaluation was conducted in a double-blind manner (where the identities of the authors and evaluators were withheld) by MAs and MDs, including attorneys with experience as evaluators in the Coordination of Higher Education Personnel Improvement (CAPES).

“It was beyond expectations. We expected about 60 submissions. Only thanks to this loyalty of the employees of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), other bodies and the academic community, we can say that the initiative of the congress was successful. The civil servants of all regional departments are participating in us,” emphasizes the coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the CG. congeps:Vanessa Fraga.

Digital, oral and panel communication

According to the official release, 60 oral communications, 52 digital posters and 18 good practice panels (the latter all from the institute) were approved. “It’s important to note that those who scored below average will have their work changed to digital posters, except for those disqualified who did not comply with the public notice rules, such as notifying the author,” Vanessa explained.

The cutoff score was 3.60, with 5.0 being the highest score. According to the commission’s data, oral works reached an average of 4.47, which is considered excellent. The result of the work is reported by e-mail. During the conference, approximately 20 presentations will be given on each thematic axis.

Definitions and Equations

In addition, the pace of work of the organizing committee is intense during the last week of October, highlights the National Institute of Social Security (INSS:). The schedule includes defining thematic axes, coordinating panels with congressmen, academic guidance to those who have selected papers, among other activities.

New dates

Electors should be aware of the new deadlines. Confirm immediately whether you will participate in person, especially in the digital poster format, informs the National Institute of Social Security (INSS).

The official platform has a presentation template, slides and other guidelines

As of the 25th, a presentation template with slide and video guides has been made available on the registration platform. The deadline for sending the material to the commission ends on October 31, according to the schedule of public notification of the review of selected works, the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) informs.

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