Instagram and Facebook have stopped working for thousands of users in the US and abroad

The world’s largest social networks, Instagram* and Facebook*, appear to have completely stopped working for some users, as evidenced by Downdetector and media reports. Not all users were affected, but services were unavailable for some people on the West Coast of the US, as well as in other countries.

When opening each of the apps, affected users will reportedly see some cached content, but receive an error message stating that the feed cannot be updated, or images and content may simply not load. Also, the web versions of Facebook* and Instagram* may not load in a desktop browser.

The Meta* status page does not report any issues at this time, and the company did not respond to a request from The Verge. However, Downdetector statistics show thousands of user reports that both social networks are experiencing problems. At the same time, as mentioned above, for some users, everything is fine.

He also notes that another important Meta* product, the WhatsApp messenger, is working well.

* It is included in the list of public associations and religious organizations, on which the court has made a final decision to dissolve or prohibit the activity based on Federal Law No. 2.

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