Instagram is slowing down a bit by copying TikTok

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, every application these days is trying to look like TikTok. Instagram has come a little too close to stuffing buns wherever it can, and users are fed up. Now Meta is retiring from some changes.

Not everyone has to be a TikTok

Until recently, many mobile applications tried to resemble Snapchat. TikTok has recently conquered social media and the users liked it so much that many sites have also implemented their own sections with short, vertical shots. In this way, Snapchat Spotlight, YouTube Shorts and Rolki (Reels), among others, will be featured on Facebook and Instagram.

The last of the services has been promoting this format very heavily lately, trying to take away some of the TikTok audience. Unfortunately, although Instagram was victorious in such a copy, it currently only draws the ire of users.

Even influencers who have expressed dissatisfaction with the recent changes in the application have spoken out. Sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, who boast well over 300 million followers, slammed the ubiquitous skates, which resonated around the internet. Users have also joined forces under the โ€œMake Instagram Instagram Againโ€ campaign โ€“ a post with a short slogan that calls for the reversal of changes has already been liked by over 2 million people.

The post that launched the campaign has over 2.2 million likes, photo: Tabletowo

You do not want to? Don’t use it.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently posted a short video on Twitter. One of the topics covered in the post is the Recommendations section that appears on the home page. They have become a source of irritation for many people as the app has been showing them more TikTok stickers than the content of the accounts they follow for a while. The president of the platform emphasizes that he sees user dissatisfaction with this feature, but the algorithm’s suggestions are the best way to develop accounts from small creators. Thanks to recommendations on the home page, they have the chance to reach new recipients.

However, if someone will not see the algorithm’s suggestions, they can disable them… for 30 days. I think that’s the easy way to go and avoid an uncomfortable subject. The Instagram authorities found it increasingly difficult to admit that they really wanted to be the second TikTok, but they didn’t quite succeed.

Instagram will revert the changes

This reaction to the current problems has not addressed the community even more. Because of this, the site gave in to user pressure. Within just a week of rolling out new features to Rolls and a month of changing the look of the home page for some users, Instagram has announced a reversal of these changes.

Adam Mosseri recently gave an interview to Platformer. Referring to the recent changes and the recording posted on Twitter, journalists asked about user reaction and next steps. The answer left no illusions – Instagram is doing badly and the changes are going in the wrong direction. Because of this, it was decided to withdraw the most disliked changes in the form of a full-screen feed and annoying recommendations based on a (not very sophisticated) algorithm.

Instagram – Ice Skates (Photo: Meta)

However, if it was not so colorful, it must be emphasized that the platform has not completely abandoned these ideas. And while photos and videos that go full screen might not really come back, we’re not going to get rid of the algorithm-based recommendation section entirely. Meta would like to improve this solution and start more tests in some time.

This way, users can enjoy the content shared by their friends for a few weeks and not have to be forced to transfer rolls from accounts they don’t know. Let’s hope that after such a rebellion by users, Instagram’s eagerness to copy TikTok will abate somewhat.

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