Instagram will block violations that have letters and numbers

Instagram is getting another innovation, and this time it’s aimed at controlling words and security

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Instagram will improve the hidden words filter, which will now identify messages written with letters and numbers. Many resort to the strategy of replacing letters with numbers to send offensive messages. The new measure will bring more protection to the platform.

Instagram gets another security update

Speaking of the hidden word filter, the user will be able to block message requests and comments with offensive words. The tool will automatically activate on content creators’ accounts and will even identify intentional spelling mistakes in profanity.

The feature comes to Instagram to increase security and privacy
Feature coming to Instagram to increase security and privacy (Image: Instagram)

In the tests carried out, letters exchanged with numbers were blocked, but offensive words with spaces were not blocked. The filter has also been extended for replies in history. The hidden words tool is activated in the section Privacywhich is located in the account settings.

Along with innovation, the social network reduced the chance of a hateful or malicious person contacting a victim.

MyCrushLive Mobiles

MyCrushLive Mobiles

In an official statement released, it was announced that a tool has been integrated, with the existing function of blocking accounts that the user can create. This means, when you block someone who offended you, other accounts are also included.

With this new update, the platform solves the problem of blocking abuser accounts one by one. The function is supplementing the normal blocking option.

The function to block other accounts is now available
The function to block other accounts is now available (Image: Instagram)

The tool is already available in Brazil and Portuguese, it seems lock [nome da conta] and all his/her existing or future accounts by selecting a social network profile.

With it, Instagram expects the community to block four million fewer accounts each week, as they will be automatically blocked.

In addition, when responding to a comment already identified by Instagram as offensive, the social network will issue a warning asking the user to reflect on what to say before responding.

Last year, Instagram launched a warning tool that informs a user that their comment may be against the social network’s guidelines. Through these updates, the company Meta seeks to improve the environment and user experience.

Source: Instagram

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