Instagram will roll out AI-assisted age verification in India, Brazil, and Europe by the end of the year

The social network Instagram* launched this summer in the United States a test of a new method of verifying the age of users from video selfies using artificial intelligence algorithms. Now the social network is ready to expand this program to two more important markets: India and Brazil.

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In total, these countries have about 400 million monthly active users, according to analytics firm Sensor Tower. The social network said in a blog post that it also plans to launch an age verification program in the UK and EU by the end of the year.

Instagram* has already cooperated with the British startup Yoti. It has just been tasked with checking video selfies received from Instagram* with the help of its specially trained AI to see if the user is 18 or not. Both companies claim that after verification, all data used in your course is destroyed. Therefore, the new authentication method does not pose any risk to the privacy of user data.

The social network also said it is removing Social Vouching as a way to verify the age of users in the new program, which allows them to ask their mutual followers who are 18 or older to verify that they are also over 18. Although the reason for the rejection is not specified, it is believed that some teenagers cheated the system by convincing their friends to lie about their age.

* It is included in the list of public associations and religious organizations, on which the court has made a final decision to dissolve or prohibit the activity based on Federal Law No. 2.

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