Install unofficial apps on Samsung Smart TV

Progress on it has been brutal over the last five years. Television is a fundamental pillar that accompanies us all this time and increase your choice thanks to the large number of available channels, which are precisely of high quality due to their varied and entertaining programming.

The popular Smart TV has broadened its horizons beyond well-known standards, among which is being able to access the Internet, among other options. And one of the things that makes it interesting is having a specific application which can be used to connect certain services, for example, watch Netflix, Prime Video, etc.

With this tutorial you will find out How to install unofficial apps on Samsung Smart TV, in some cases serving popular APKS, can be downloaded from the Play Store and beyond. Televisions with Android TV are gradually seeing improvements, no doubt highlighting high compatibility with applications.

pluto tv

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Always install apps you know


Security is the most important thing to consider, if it’s not reliable, don’t agree to install and less if those are usually the permissions that make your security unstable. Televisions usually have many applications available, however, some of them are very limited for use on televisions.

Available on mobile, the Play Store is usually always the best choice if you want to download something, some television models give access to a “very limited” dedicated store. It’s true that you can install lesseverything will be better, because the performance will be visible due to its excess and RAM memory.

The first thing is to verify how you have to download the tool you want to remove performance, click “Settings” or on the button you use to reach the browse button. Samsung Smart TVs with a proxy will be able to install any that appear on the market, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Apple TV, Samsung TV Plus, DAZN, TikTok, HBO Max, Netflix and Disney+, the latter being preferred by young children.

How to enable unknown sources on Samsung Smart TV

Install the smart tv app

Samsung Smart TVs, as well as phones and tablets, will allow app installation from outside the Google Play Store. To do this you need to go to settings, it was the previous configuration before being able to do everything, which at the moment will give us freedom in everything, install the APK from outside the store.

By enabling unknown sources you run the risk of opening bugs in apps, many of them take advantage of this and do so by having access to relevant storage and information. If you choose not to take this step, return the font to the side left, it will prevent you from installing any app from outside the store.

To enable unknown sources on Samsung Smart TVDo the following:

  • The first step is to turn on the television
  • Go to the button to access Smart TV, usually the one that says Navigation, press it and wait for the interface to load, which will give access to the apps installed on your device and the store
  • Click “Settings” and then “Personal”
  • Navigate to “Security”, inside you have an option that says “Unknown sources”, toggle the switch to the right
  • Now close the options and you can install any application that you want from the outside, including a browser that would be useful for such situations
  • After that, the user will have the option to install any of the apps, either from outside or from the Marketplace, which usually have a good amount.

Best third party app


After all, installing third-party apps is one of them that you have in front of you, if you have a little skill, you will have a lot of skill. Preferred repositories are the usual ones, for example Uptodown, Malavida, others not to be missed are Softonic, all with thousands of apps.

With the browser you will have great freedom, thanks to which you have access to various pages, many of which will allow you to download something. Try installing then removing the installer, which is an APK in most of the time, it is now ABB in Google Play Store after the passage of time.

Using a browser, for example, you have Uptodown, in the Android menu in general you will see all the most downloaded at the moment. What’s interesting at first glance is Pluto TV, Tivify and others playing channels, all via streaming, the latter adding a good number of DTT channels. The former incorporates many of its own channels, as well as other external channels, including MTV and myth series.

With Sammy Widgets

Samsung SmartTV

One of the important applications that are considered unofficial that can be installed is Sammy Widgets, it can be installed on the computer and then we can share it with our Samsung Smart TV. The process of doing this is not complicated, and thanks to this you have the option of having a variety of applications that can be used on your television.

Ssammy Widgets will have a wide range of possibilities, which is why you have to network, as well as have access to the television that you had back then from Samsung. There are many models that can be usedso if you have it, it will probably work perfectly for you.

The steps to install Sammy Widget are:

  • Connect your computer and television to the same WiFi point with Samsung Smart TVs
  • On your computer download the Sammy Widgets application, you have it on the Samy Go page, click on this link
  • Install the application on your computerYou will see a folder called “Widgets”
  • You will see a window with the name “Ip Server”, copy the address and now give Sammy Settings to Smart TV
  • Press remote button called “Smart”, you will enter Smart Hub and you’ll see this new app next to the one you dragged to Widget from your computer

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