Intel Arc A750 card at a lower price. It was worth the wait

Intel lowers the price of the Arc A750 graphics card. The new model should now be more profitable than the competing model – we get not only better performance, but also better valuation.

The Intel Arc A750 graphics card is definitely the most interesting model from the “blue” range – it may not be a top design, but such a model can be a good choice for a relatively cheap gaming computer. After the premiere, it’s an even more interesting proposition. do not believe? So look at this.

Intel Arc A750 gains in performance

The Intel Arc A750 card debuted in September of last year, but initially its performance in some games left a lot to be desired. The manufacturer, however, got down to business and refined the drivers.

Intel Arc A750 - performance on new drivers

Intel Arc A750 - performance on new drivers

Intel Arc A750 - performance on new drivers

Intel Arc A750 - performance on new drivers

The performance improvements on the new 4086 drivers are huge (especially in older DirectX 9 titles) with average FPS up 43% on average and minimum FPS up 60% on average. However, there are titles where the increase is 70-80%.

Intel drops price of Arc A750 and adds free games

We have another good news. Intel has reduced the price of the Arc A750 graphics card from the recommended $279 to $249 (by $30 – about 10%). This means that the new model will be reduced from PLN 1,450 to around PLN 1,300. Moreover, Intel prepared a promotion – The Settlers: New Allies and Nightingale games were added to the card for free.

Intel Arc A750 vs Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060

The manufacturer boasts that the Intel Arc A750 card is now a much more profitable offer than the competing GeForce RTX 3060 (if we consider the performance-price ratio). Of course, a lot depends on the specific game, but in most titles Intel’s advantage is really significant.

Intel Arc A750The Intel Arc A750 card can be a very interesting proposition for building a cheaper gaming computer

However, the comparison of manufacturers is… unrealistic, because the RTX 3060 is currently an extremely unprofitable offer. A much better graphics card for gaming is the Radeon RX 6600, whose prices start at around 1300 – 1400 PLN. Here, the Arc A750 might also be a more interesting proposition.

Source: Intel, info. own

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