Interior design inspired by the nature of Podlasie. Take a look at the unique apartment in Warsaw. See how to modernize your home in 2023

The unusual architecture of Podlasie constantly impresses and many people associate the unique wooden carvings that decorate the corners of the houses. This region of Poland attracts tourists because it is extremely picturesque and idyllic. One can even get the impression that time flows more slowly here. We invite you to an apartment for a family of three located in a revitalized factory in the capital. The inspiration for decorating the space was life in the spirit of slow and air-conditioned Podlasie – the owner’s homeland.


The design of this unique apartment is very modern in 2023 – a combination of tradition and modern trends. The interiors captivate with their simplicity and unusualness. In the 84-meter apartment, we can easily find the atmosphere of Podlasie, where the owners come from. This region is especially close to the architect – Jacek Tryc, who spent holidays there as a child and often returns to these parts.

The interior design concept is therefore based on the unique style of wooden architecture of Podlasie, surrounded by the natural landscape. The architect strongly remembers the picturesque backwaters of the Narew River and the richly carved gables of the wooden houses, which became the inspiration for the decorative wall in the kitchen.

photography: Tom Kurek, design: Jacek Tryc and Angelika Kłos

The unique space of the Narew meadows is presented through simple architectural ideas. They are the perfect background for climate wood for demolitionwhich is the leitmotif in the apartment. The unique grain pattern and natural surface irregularities make the space more atmospheric. This natural recycled material goes well with the greenery that we can admire from the window of the apartment from spring to autumn.

In our gallery, take a look at the unusual interiors of the apartment inspired by the nature and architecture of Podlasie:

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The functional and climatic interior of the 84-meter apartment consists of:

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