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July 29, 2022 – 2:13 p.m

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“The convergence that is happening in media, entertainment and shopping channels has forced us to rethink what is really the core of marketing and sales. Now we can build brands and convert sales at the same time, so why should we [we] divide it artificially?

This does not mean that we give up on marketing. This means that we increase sales”

This was said by Conny Braams, Chief Digital and Commercial Officer at Unilever in April 2022, two months ago.

You see, the biggest debate today about what we call traditional communication is about not being intrusive. In the dispersal of formats, audiences get more and more autonomy, and brands get more and more awkward. Of course, it depends on the relevance of the content and the relevance of the message at a given moment, but it is precisely in this challenge that agencies and advertisers open up in every business.

An important parenthesis for the drama experienced by Netflix, which announced at the Cannes Film Festival the decision to insert ads into its streaming, with the understanding that it will only be for people who say “Hey, I want a lower price and I’ll watch ads” . Therefore, watching commercials becomes a “penalty” to be paid.

There is a place where stamps are less awkward, at the POS. They are there, set and ready waiting to be found. And the consumer, unlike other channels, goes there and looks for them. That is, we have practically 100% retention of your attention.

If Conny Braams is right, we should be building brand and sales conversion at the same time, this is easier to think about on digital, but look at the potential of this thinking on POS. 100% attention, a consumer who wanted to be there and endless space to create an extraordinary experience. Brand building at the point of purchase should be the premise of any strategy.

A 5 second story or a bucket of 5 bottles on the bar table for at least 1 hour.
A 30-second film or Store In Store where the average stay is 10 min.
A street clock keeping consumers on the move or a shelf with consumers looking at your packaging.

You can say you don’t get it on the shelf or you accidentally order a bucket of a certain brand and I agree, far from thinking that any format is better or worse, but in an amazing moment where omnichannel is actually happening differently than 10 years ago, when it was just a theory, the shopping experience begins to take on a new role.

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