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Investments in private networks should grow by 43% per year in Latin America until 2026

Illustration: Cecilia Marins/Mobile Time

The global market for mobile private networks is expected to grow at an average of 36% annually worldwide between 2022 and 2026, according to IDC’s forecast. In Latin America, this progress may be even greater. According to Alberto Arellano, IDC’s telecom program manager, investments in this market should grow at a rate of approximately 43% per year in the region during the same period.

“It is curious to see how these private networks are not always run by mobile operators. It’s a combination of the ecosystem of fixed operators, integrators, not to mention network equipment manufacturers,” commented Arellano.

However, the analyst pointed out that Latin America represents a reduced share of the global private mobile network market. Whether 3G, LTE or 5G, the region represents 6% of the global total, according to Arellano.

“It’s a market that in total infrastructure plus services exceeds $350 million, so it’s definitely a model for these use cases that require high speed and density. Specific manufacturing and customs cases are finding a solution to complete the connection. It is an essential complement, for example, for cases where there is already talk of Wi-Fi 6 and 7,” he said.

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