Investments. tips for entering the market in a safe and planned manner

To safely enter the investment market, it is necessary to consider the details that change the economy, taking into account external factors and market volatility.

Investments. tips for entering the market in a safe and planned manner

Therefore, it is advisable to make a financial plan that takes into account your specifics and seek information through official sources.

beware of scams

There are many companies popping up on the internet that offer get rich quick for the new investor through exponentially high returns. Therefore, beware of these types of situations, as many pyramid schemes use these types of promises to deceive investment market participants.

official information

Seek information through trusted sources such as platforms Stock Exchange (B3) and the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB), for example. Additionally, it may be possible to contact your bank manager and/or analyze the feasibility of investing through fintech.

Banco Inter is an example of an opportunity for new investors, as in addition to offering cashback on the institution’s credit card, it is possible to receive cashback through investments.

In addition, the opportunity to become an investor through Fintech is becoming increasingly organic, Nubank, for example, has introduced the opportunity to invest; direct treasure right through the fintech appwhich was previously possible only through NuInvest.

Therefore, it is worth considering these features to increase your security while accessing the investment market, minimizing your chances of becoming a victim of fraud or scam.

Diversification and Fixed Income

It is worth emphasizing that a new investor should start fixed income options, because they are features that allow the investor to know the amount that will be repaid at the end of his contract; which increases your security and also allows you to understand in a practical way how the market works.

Also, never invest all the money you have in one option. Consider your goals and what options might work for you in specific situations. For example, the possibility of an emergency reserve and retirement planning, for example.

Financial planning and monitoring of the economy

In this way, it will be able to safely diversify and increase its profitability beyond savings through the opportunities arising from the current financial market dynamics. Be sure to follow though! home and its volatility as several factors affect investment results.

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