iPhone 14 – better disable this feature before skiing

Anyone planning a trip to the mountains and skiing should better disable one of the new features in the iPhone 14. Turns out it doesn’t necessarily work as intended.

Misdiagnosis of accidents in iPhones

Among the novelties that appeared on the board of this year’s Apple smartphones was the car accident detection function. In theory, it should correctly detect accidents and then notify the appropriate services. This solution can save the lives of the driver and passengers in some scenarios.

Unfortunately, the algorithms developed by Apple do not always correctly identify a car accident. We recently learned that the iPhone 14 can identify a roller coaster ride as a car accident and attempt to call an ambulance. Turns out, the problem isn’t unique to roller coasters.

According to the latest information Emergency operators at ski resorts receive multiple automated calls a day from skiers using iPhone 14s.

(Photo by Apple)

Apparently, sudden stops and falls are interpreted as car accidents. It is possible that the error also occurs due to the high speeds that are often reached when skiing.

Unfortunately, many skiers do not hear the first alarm and therefore do not interrupt car accident detection. So the iPhone makes an emergency call and informs the dispatchers that there may have been a serious accident and the user may not be able to call for help themselves.

According to their own statements, dispatchers from Summit County in the USA received 71 automatic accident reports via iPhone 14 on the holiday weekend alone – a really serious error that wasted time on rescue workers.

How do I turn off accident detection?

Currently, the only effective solution to avoid false alarms is to simply disable the car crash detection feature. Of course, it is advisable to switch this function on again after skiing.

To disable it, go to the settings, select the Emergency SOS item, and then disable the Connect after a serious accident function.

It’s worth noting that the feature is enabled by default on every iPhone 14 model, as well as Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Ultra smartwatches.

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