iPhone 14 Pro has a screen problem. It doesn’t look good

Users of Apple’s top smartphones this year – the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max – are complaining of screen problems. Unfortunately, there is currently no workaround available to fix the error.

Green and yellow lines on the screen

The iPhone 14 Pro, as well as the larger 14 Pro Max, are the ultimate smartphones. There are no shortage of voices that we are dealing with one of the best models on the market. Moreover, unlike the main “Fourteen”, they introduce a set of noticeable changes, including the successor to the notch, ie. Dynamic Island.

Yes, the models of the 14 Pro line have a long list of advantages, but unfortunately they are not without defects. For example, Tim Cook’s company had to release an iOS update to fix a bug with third-party camera apps. However, the latest information indicates that the described smartphones also have an annoying problem with the screens.

According to multiple user complaints, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max suffer from “green and yellow” lines on the display. These lines appear for a moment just before the screen wakes up, then they may blink, then disappear after a while. To put it mildly, it does not look good for such expensive devices, the price of which in Poland starts from 6499 PLN.

(source: Reddit/u/1LastOutlaw)

Screen replacement is unlikely to be necessary

Users who have contacted Apple support have reported that the problem is not caused by a hardware defect. The software is to blame, and more precisely iOS 16. Therefore, you will not have to return the smartphone to the service center for a screen replacement.

iPhone 14 Pro screen problem
(source: / Infernoqt)

Interestingly, the problem occurs in different versions of iOS 16, so it cannot be avoided by installing a specific version or holding off on installing the latest update. So what should I do? Well, it remains to wait for the release of the corresponding fixes.

One user indicated that he received information from Apple that the company is already working on fixing the bug. However, it is not officially known when the corresponding update will hit the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models. It is possible that fixes will be provided even before the release of iOS 16.3, which is currently in beta testing. Let’s hope Apple doesn’t make users wait too long.

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