Is it possible to enter a public tender for the first time? (check!)

Usually, when it comes to public tenders, it is accepted to say that preliminary preparation is necessary, that the right thing is to participate in several tests until you win a vacancy. In fact, a contestant must have motivation, discipline, organization and willpower to achieve their goals.

There are people who study for five years to get a job. Others, however, place in a top public agency. From this, the question arises: is it possible to go through a public tender from the beginning? Past people behaved differently.

These students are often only dedicated a few months before the competition. However, it should be emphasized that many times some factors related to public tender are beyond our reach. However, it should be noted that the champion competitors had an effective strategy to pass the assessment.

Going public at first can be one of life’s biggest challenges. It is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. There should be more than just reading the books and subjects that will be on the test. Studying for a few weeks before the assessment does not guarantee a good result.

How to get first in a public competition

However, the first step to getting into a public competition is to make a habit of studying every day, as dedication and hard work will surely pay off innumerable rewards. Of course, you often have to rely on luck to pass first, but that is not something that should be taken into account.

A learner should look for ways and means to make the most of the time allocated to study effectively and efficiently. In fact, you should keep in mind that the first steps in finding a goal are the most difficult, but by persevering, it is possible to increase your motivation every day.

There are people who leave their professional careers in the private sector to devote themselves exclusively to studying for state exams. However, the best thing is not to follow others, but to build strategies related to your profile, to find ways to learn more easily.

Here are some strategies to do well in exams:

1 – Focus on one goal

Today, it is possible to find many job opportunities in public institutions. However, it is better to focus on just one goal. A special assessment must be given in the public notice. This is because the competitions are increasingly different.

2 – Create a study schedule

With a good study schedule, it is easier to organize your daily tasks. It should be strategic in search of greater productivity in content acquisition. In this way, the accused must give weight to each subject, distinguishing what is most important for the concurseiro to study.

3 – Get quality materials

To maximize studies, it is necessary to select quality material. Likewise, it’s a good idea to know who the professors are, what students are saying about the content, whether the company that produced the material has any success stories, what resources are offered, and whether there is any specific support for the student.

4 – Build mind maps

Mind maps allow you to visualize your goals and objectives set for assessment. In summary, you can make drawings and diagrams that promote learning and help guide subjects as well as review specific content. It’s a way to engage different senses in learning.

5 – Discover the best way to learn

Studying and learning varies according to the characteristics of each student. Some learn easier by listening, others by watching a video. You need to find a comfortable and effective learning pace. In conclusion, you have to experiment until you find the ideal way.

6 – Take past and mock tests

Some examination boards usually set tests to the standards set for public competitions. For this reason, the winning strategy is to run the previous three races of the competition. In this way, it is possible to get an idea of ​​how the assessment of public notice should be.

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