Is it possible to pay a bill with a Nubank credit card?

With the advent of digital accounts, the user now has several features that were not possible before. Over the years, customers have become more demanding and banks have had to adapt to this reality by creating ways to innovate and provide convenience to their service users. Among these amenities, come and discover if It is possible to pay the bill with a Nubank credit card.

This feature is perfect for the month when things got a little out of hand. The functionality also works for people who use their credit card as a way to earn cashback or points in the carrier’s rewards system. No matter your reasons for joining the feature, we’ll teach you how. Therefore, check with Notícias Concursos in this Sunday’s article (17) if It is possible to pay the bill with a Nubank credit card.

Can I pay a bill with a Nubank credit card, so what are the benefits?

Without further ado, we will answer your question. yes You can pay a bill with your Nubank credit card. With the prices of basic survival goods and the constant financial instability that Brazilians are exposed to, it is necessary to resort to resources from time to time to alleviate the situation, right?

Is it possible to pay a bill with a Nubank credit card? – Nubank

If you are already a client of Nubank, then you know that everything can be solved in the palm of your hand and without much difficulty. Through the application of the bank, you will carry out the entire procedure of payment of receipts using the Nubank credit card.

Another advantage is the possibility to pay the amount in up to 12 installments. According to the company, interest rates are applied on the move, but this ensures that the values ​​are below the market average. The amount paid will be deducted from your credit card limit. Now we will show you the operation step by step.

Step by step to pay debit card with credit card

The procedure is simple and very intuitive. Open your bank app and go to the “pay” tab. Then you have to go to the option that says “pay the boleto by credit card”. After that, you can scan the barcode with your phone’s camera or enter the numbers manually.

Click on the arrow to continue, and if you want to divide the amount, it’s time to enter how many times you want to divide it. After selecting the amount, click “Pay” and enter the card password. Ready. You have made the payment.

Now that you already know that Is it possible to pay a debit card with a Nubank credit card?, you can use this feature to collect points. That way, you’ll earn cashbacks and also take the hassle out of that most difficult month.

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