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In the current era of multiplayer gaming, an unfortunate fact of life is that servers go down. It sure would be great to have a way to check for problems, huh?? If such a thing existed, it would be a lot easier to know if the problems we’re having with the game are on our side. Or not. If you’re having issues with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (the new one, not the original), read on for some possible solutions!

How to check Modern Warfare 2 server status?

If you’re having trouble getting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) to work, your first stop should be the Activision Online Services page. Let’s say there’s a general outage; would be where they would make the announcement, in addition to the official Twitter account for guardian of infinity.

If you’re still having issues but no outages are reported, the Online Services page can help with that! Offers connection tips such as resetting the router or checking internet speed. By the way, there might be problems with your ‘personal network connection! If other games aren’t working as they should, call your ISP ASAP!

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But assuming there are no outages reported and everything is fine with your internet, the problem could be local. Be sure to check your hardware specs and make sure there are no conflicts with the requirements to run Modern Warfare 2! Or just give it some time and try to load the game later!

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