Is there true love between the main characters of “La hija del embajador”?

The pair formed by Tuba Büyüküstün and Engin Akurek in The Ambassador’s Daughter en la que se meten en la piel de Mavi y Sancar, respectively, it is one of the audience favorites from Turkish soap operas. The actress went to the series in place of Nelihan Atagül, who had to quit his job in this fic due to a health problem: leaky gut syndrome.

– Hande Erçel (“Love is in the air”) and his sister, closer than ever in a delicate moment for the family


The complicity shown by both translators remove the pants and sell the script, something that surfaced more than once in rumors of a possible relationship between them. A story about which the artist told and explained what their relationship was like.

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Including the interpreter of Suhan: revenge and love the cast of the series caused the joy of his fans, who celebrated being back to match the main character of you upload 41 years🇧🇷 with the one who has already worked in smuggled love, in 2014, where they gave life to Elif and Omer, characters who experienced an intense love story. From that moment until now, rumors about a possible romance between them have not stopped.


On this occasion it is some photos of the actors on a trip to Paris with friends, broadcast on the Turkish program Söylemezsem Olmaz (If I Don’t Say It) de Beyaz Tv, las que habrían hecho skip las alarmas. In the images, the pair can be seen walking alone around the capital, bathed by the Seine, isolated from the rest of the group. In addition, according to Turkish media, another test that would clarify that there is more than friendship between them is that the actor wears a towel that belongs to Tuba on his wrist and that he uses menudo, a gesture that has been interpreted as confirmation of your love.


In the face of so many habladurías, Tuba herself, at 40 years old, is the one who ha wanted to leave on the step and clarify the situation🇧🇷 🇧🇷Engin y yo we are not in love, not to be confused, it was Elif and Yomer… And yes, it was a very beautiful love story. It’s no coincidence that many people in many places around the world are still under the influence of this love,” the actress wrote in an ephemeral message on her profile, which made it clear thatthose who had a relationship were their fictional characters, not ellos in real life.


the main character of My other yo in addition, it added that “if everyone is happy, upset, and can talk enough . . . Can we calm down now? Or should he wait a few more days to decide: “Do you really believe in this charm?


Your emotion to step into to become a part of The ambassador’s daughter

After the sad departure for health reasons of Neslihan Atagül, the one we know as sweet Nihan en cara sevda, Tuba was the one in charge of taking him to help. He joined the series, giving a new direction to the story and with a different personality from Nare, a role he played until then with his partner. The beautiful Unicef ​​ambassador does not hold back her joy about this new project.


🇧🇷Start a family trip and completely new… My dear former companion Engin, my dear screenwriter, my friend Aylem, my dear Emre, the one I knew in my first years in this sector (…) I share the illusion with this new personality. Let it be an experience for all of us like breathing deeply in the open air,” with these emotional words he announced his inclusion in the cast.

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