It does not move and produces energy. Here is an unusual wind turbine

This technology uses a solution that allows to increase the air flow in any building. Stationary, quiet and durable modules from Aeromine generate power around the clock, regardless of the weather. At the same time, they provide a tangible advantage over solar panels – they take up ten times less space and can generate up to 50% more energy at a similar price.

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The described systems consist of 20-40 units mounted on the edge of the building in the direction of the strongest wind. The combination of this technology and rooftop solar panels can cover up to 100 percent of a building’s energy needs. At the same time, due to the diversification of its sources (and the possibility of stationary turbines working around the clock), there is no need to store energy.

It is a revolution, adding new value to the rapidly growing rooftop power generation market, helping corporations achieve their self-sufficiency and sustainability goals through an untapped renewable energy source. Aeromine’s patented technology transforms the efficiency of wind energy into on-site electricity generation, addressing the existing limitations posed by mobile wind turbines and less efficient solar panels.explains Aeromine CEO David Asarnow

A wind farm from Aeromine Technologies can be mounted on a roof, for example

Since roofs are often unbuilt, they can be used to organize different types of infrastructure. It also provides property owners with the opportunity to become energy independent in the face of rising energy costs. Understanding the untapped potential of wind power and the limitations of currently available rooftop options, Aeromine said the company’s founders were proposing a much more productive solution.

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Technologies enabling the use of renewable energy sources are worth their weight in gold today, especially in the context of problems with the availability of conventional fuels as well as the specter of a changing climate. For this reason, technologies that imply the use of existing infrastructure so that it can participate in the production of electricity are becoming more and more popular. In the case of Aeromine Technologies’ proposal, the proposed buildings that could be used include, among others, warehouses and distribution centers, multi-family residential buildings, offices and large retail facilities.

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