It is about the reform of access to public employment with salary supplements

On Tuesday, the Council of Ministers gave the green light to the proposal of the Law on public office, which includes measures such as a new system of access to public employment that takes into account abilities and two new salary supplements according to professional career and performance of officials.

The Ministry of Finance and Public Functions states in a press release collected by Efe that the new law, foreseen in the Recovery Plan, aims to attract and retain talent through the public human resources model “based on competencies”. LThe law incorporated the evaluation of the success of public employment, which will periodically measure the work efficiency of workers with the aim of improving their productivity and the quality of public services.

In this sense, the text creates two new salary supplements: one of the “careers”, which will reward advancement in a professional career – equally for all officials in a group or subgroup – and another for “performance”, linked to passing grades. Therefore, complementary compensation there will be updates destination, specificity, performance and career, to which should be added the allowance for extraordinary services for work outside the working day or regular work activity.

the law too regulates the horizontal professional career enable internal professional advancement, that is, without changing jobs, advancements that will be granted based on the trajectory, evaluations or follow-up of the specialized training itinerary. second measure is the regulation of professional public management staff, those holders of general sub-administrations or similar, with the aim of guaranteeing their professionalism, suitability, ability and focus on results.

A new model of access to the Administration

The bill includes a new model of access to the Administration in which principles of equality, merit and ability agility and efficiency in selection, appropriateness of content to the functions to be developed and professionalization of courts are added. The Treasury also states that this model will be “mixed”, that is, based on both knowledge and the evaluation of professional skills, and the processes will take place throughout the territory.

The Treasury also highlights the introduction “Strategic planning”, which will harmonize the selection of personnel with the needs of organizations, whether it is the General State Administration, independent bodies, Social security management entities, public business entities or other entities governed by public law.

Now the bill will be sent to the public information procedure, where it could make changes before it goes through the Council of Ministers again and starts the parliamentary procedure. Unions CCOO and UGT they stated, in the first joint assessment, that the preliminary draft the law is “obviously improved”, a position that will be detailed this Wednesday in a meeting with the media.

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