It turns out that the creepy intro to Silent Hill 2 is a figment of fans’ imaginations. the developer denied the popular theory.

Silent Hill 2 art director Masahiro Ito took to his microblog to comment on the horror’s famous intro scene, debunking a popular fan theory.

Image source: Konami

It’s about the opening cinematic moment of Silent Hill 2, where protagonist James Sunderland looks at himself in the mirror. If you turn off the brightness in this scene, it looks like the main character is looking at the camera (the player).

The theory about this so-called fourth wall breaking by the developers of Silent Hill 2 became popular in the summer of 2020 after a post by a user under the pseudonym ZombiePizzas1999 on the Reddit forum.

According to Ito, James doesn’t look at the player in Silent Hill 2’s intro. Players have been bugging the artist about this for years, and the developer is “so tired” of them.

Ito called the fan theory a “stupid personal rule” as opposed to the official one. “First of all, why is he looking at a player who exists outside of history? Now he is looking for his wife. Consider the context of the story.”

Ito understands players’ concerns about the visual style of the Silent Hill 2 remake, but believes in the Bloober team.

Following the developer’s revelations, ZombiePizzas1999 admitted that he would not have published James’ glowing image if he had been aware of Ito’s negative attitude towards the theory.

A new wave of discussion about the direction of James’ vision arose with the announcement of a remake of Silent Hill 2. The remake is being developed by Polish studio Bloober Team for PC (Steam) and PS5. Ito participates in development.

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