It was almost impossible to pause Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake could be even scarier than the original. As it turned out, the developers originally planned to remove the pause option from the game in order to prevent players from stopping playing at the most tense moments.

As we found out from the interview published on the website of the Inverse portal, director Joel MacMillan seriously considered removing the pause option from the remake. In his opinion, depriving players of the ability to stop the game meant underlining horror productions. The idea, however, was abandoned when – as he admitted – I’d rather have the pause button under my hand.

In horror movies, you can pause the game for a sense of comfort. Then you can inhale,ć, un&lstro;ć tension” – taught by MacMillan. “Yes, I will remove the options, I hope the gameplay will be a game. The player would have the impression that he was never completely safe“.

I myself am often nervous while playing. That’s why I personally like to have it under my hand&etail; pause button. But if you really want a scary and tense experience, removing this element would help a lot– he added.

Players who are not looking for extreme thrills can relax while sleeping. Studio Motive finally decided to take a break from the game. However, there are many titles on the market in which we will not find a similar option. &lstro;an example could be, for example, the Dark Souls trilogy, in which you can keep playing only by exiting to the game’s main menu.

From the same interview, we also learned that the Dead Space Remake – as in the original from 2008 – will be &eotail; New Game Plus mode, which will allow you to start the game from the beginning, but with the equipment obtained during the previous access. The title will also get a more prominent and easier-to-use card.

As a reminder, Dead Space Remake will already be available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. January 27, 2023 Interestingly, according to recent reports, the production may also include a film adaptation of the popular game series.

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