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“It was good, I liked the way of the debate,” said Bolsonaro after the meeting

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J:on the air Bolsonaro (PL) positively evaluated his participation in this Friday’s TV Globo debate (28). The president and re-election candidate said he was satisfied with the format of the program.

“It was good, I liked the shape. Freedom for us to exchange ideas, to show what we did, what the other didn’t do or what he did wrong. I’m happy with the debate.”defined the candidate.

As during the debate, Bolsonaro once again defended a minimum wage of R$1,400, well above the R$1,294 set by the LDO. He also announced that he will accept the results of the elections next Sunday (30).

“Whoever has the most votes takes it. That’s how democracy works.”Bolsonaro summed up TV Globo journalist Renata Lo Prete.

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