It will travel at a speed of 1000 km/h. An incredible ground vehicle will be launched in Canada!

What if you travel at speeds of up to 1000 km/h? And we’re not talking about airplanes, we’re talking about ground transportation. Canadian startup TransPod has revealed details of a unique investment that will eventually connect the country’s largest metropolises. If you want to work in a city hundreds of kilometers away, you won’t need to move there – just hop on a FluxJet.

TransPoda Canadian company, recently presented an unusual concept for ultra-fast ground transportation. FluxJet will be a vehicle combining the characteristics of a train and an airplane – the cost of the investment has already been calculated, and its realization will completely redefine the understanding of passenger and cargo transport.

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What will set the new vehicle apart from the rest? Almost everything. FluxJet it will resemble a hybrid of a train and an airplane – claim the creators. Based on contactless energy transmission technology, it will be able to move even at speed 1000 km/h. It is faster than a passenger plane, and even 3-4 times faster than high-speed rail.

As reported in the company’s press release TransPod, the car will not run on conventional fuels, but will instead use only clean, environmentally friendly energy sources. It has not yet been specified what.

Ultra-fast land vehicle – will travel at a speed of up to 1000 km/h

Ultimately, a network of ultra-high-speed rail should connect Canada’s metropolitan areas. The first episode will be built between Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta. The cities are just over 300 kilometers apart, which means that at the maximum speed of the FluxJet we can get from one point to another in 18 minutes. If the investment is really realized, it will completely revolutionize passenger and freight transport.

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According to preliminary estimates, the initial stage of construction will cost 19.2 billion US dollars.

The creators boast environmental aspects of FluxJet travel. During the trip, we will save 636,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year compared to traveling by plane the same distance. In addition, vehicle tickets will be cheaper by up to 44 percent. from airline colleagues.

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