Itapoa County is celebrating its 17th anniversaryEnglish 

Itapoa County is celebrating its 17th anniversary

This Friday (8) there will be a civic parade with the participation of about 300 students from public and private schools.

Itapoã’s 17th anniversary will be celebrated for four days. The administrative district is one of the newest in the DF, and the name of the city, in Tupi-Guarani, “stone point”, alludes to one of the most famous beaches in the country, located in El Salvador and immortalized by the classic. MPB song by the duo of Vinicius de Moraes and Toquinho.

“I always invite people to spend an afternoon in Itapoa,” jokes administrator Marcus Vinicius Cotrim, referring to one of the song’s lines. “In the beginning of the city, there was a man who was from Bahia, and he went out naming the streets after the beach. Since they already had a condominium with that name, they decided to call the whole city Itapoa, which is “o” instead of “u” because of a mistake in the decree that created RA,” he says. .

In addition to the civic parade that will be held on Friday (8), in which about 300 students from public and private schools will participate, including members of the Federal District Military Fire Brigade (CBMDF) and the Brazilian Army, the population. In the city you can admire various cultural attractions.

“We will celebrate Itapoa’s birthday throughout the month of July with various events on the theme of ‘Culture of Peace’,” explains the administrator. “Itapoa is a city I learned to love, a city of working people, where many of them leave early to earn a living. So, when we manage to provide them with quality of life, infrastructure, everything gets better,” he says.

Itapoã today has jobs and activities that have not only provided comfort and quality of life to the city’s nearly 65,000 residents, but also a sense of belonging. This is how 37-year-old bricklayer Francisco Clayton da Silva explains, 12 of whom live in Armenia. “This is a city that surprises me every year and for the better,” he says. “Security has improved a lot,” he says.

Photo: Renato Araujo/Brasília Agency

According to the Piau-born resident, the reflection that the city is different, and for the better, as he notes, is in the details of everyday life. He finds this out when he takes his three children for a walk through the city’s sports courts and playgrounds, all of which have been restored as part of the RenovaDF project. More than 170 thousand R$ have been invested in the restoration of the recreation areas of the city.

From the playground that takes the children almost every day, he thinks about duplicating the DF-250 that the people of Itapoa, Paranoa and also Planaltina use every day to go to work and back home. The approximately 6 km long work between the rural center of Sobradinho dos Melos, located in Paranoa, to the Itapoa/Paranoa airfield, has an investment of R$12.2 million and is expected to improve nearby traffic. More than 40,000 vehicles pass through the site.


The future duplication of DF-001, the work that will be carried out based on the environmental contribution signed between the construction company JC Gontijo, responsible for the construction of Itapoã Parque, will promote mobility for about 50 thousand people who will live in one. almost 12 2000 condominium units. “These are two works that will change the face of the city, affecting not only the residents of Itapoa, but also of Paranoia, improving the flow of traffic in the Western Region of the DF, which gives access to Lago Sul, Lago Norte, Sobradinho. , Planaltina and São Sebastião,” explains the administrator of Itapoã.

Urban infrastructure

The opening of 1.5 km of pavement on the so-called Dziu Route, located on the DF-440, has helped the daily lives of the people of Paranoa and Itapoa. At the request of the population, a bicycle path has been designed in the section that goes from Condomínio Del Lago II, at the height of the parking garage of Viação Pioneira, to the balloon providing access to the city. The sector received public enlightenment.

Paving also reached the countryside, with dirt roads being repaired in several sections and even the adjacent 330, which is mainly in the farming area, being paved. “We’re also placing waste collectors in rural and inner-city areas with the intention of placing more as needed,” plans administrator Marcus Cotrim.

With an investment of R$33 million, six city blocks, 202, 203, 318, 378 and 379, in addition to lot 366, will receive asphalt paving and stormwater drainage. “This work will complete the urbanization of Itapoa, we will no longer have blocks in the region that do not have asphalt and rainwater drainage,” says Cotrim.


Work is well underway, with the construction of Escola Classe 203 in the Del Lago section, scheduled for completion in October, providing 800 places for students from Years 1 to 5. The work, which has a budget of R$8.4 million, will have three floors and 23 classrooms, in addition to a multipurpose area, a library, a laboratory, an auditorium, a cafeteria, a park, bathrooms and an indoor sports court. “It’s a guarantee of more education for the city, for our children,” emphasizes 21-year-old Amanda Noemia Pereira, who has lived in Itapoa for 12 years. “I like living here,” says the child’s mother.

Among the works completed in the city is Praça dos Direitos, a large complex dedicated to sports and social projects. Located at 203 Quadra, the 615m² space has two lounges for sports and dance as well as electronic activities.

It is in one of these areas that 17-year-old student Kawan Barbosa practices taekwondo. “This project, which I learned about through the school board, was very good. I’m leaving there and coming here,” he recalls, a student at Zilda Arns Elementary School, located next to Praça dos Direitos.

“In addition to the social nature, the social projects that take place in Praça do Direito attract young people, giving respite to parents at work and creating champions not only on the mat, but throughout their lives,” evaluates Jesse Santos. Professor of Taekwondo class at Prasa dos Direitos.


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