It’s worth keeping the Stadia controller. He’ll be able to do a lot more soon

A driver for Stadia may still come in handy. Google will release a tool that will increase its capabilities.

Stadia’s demise was quite loud as it was one of the few platforms that offered the ability to play in the cloud. This led to many people questioning the health of the industry as a whole, but the fact that none of the competing brands have reported issues since then suggests that the way Google planned to monetize its service is not a lack of demand for such services . Immediately after the information about the end of the service, there was also a comment from Google, which announced that the company would like to return to 100 percent. costs incurred by consumers to purchase games and equipment. However, that leaves people who bought a Stadia pad with a controller that can do little with it. As it turns out, this is not the case at all.

A Stadia Pad might come in handy. One adjustment is enough

All controllers today work mostly wirelessly. However, a driver that was supposed to connect to only one specific service will naturally not work as a classic device if we want to connect it to our PC, for example. As a result, all Stadia controllers will become e-waste after the service is finally shut down in a few days. Or rather they would be if it weren’t for Google’s idea of ​​what to do with them.

According to the manufacturer’s announcement, Google wants their drivers to continue to be used by gamers. That’s why they’re about to release what they call a “self-service tool” that will allow you to unlock the Bluetooth connection on the pad and therefore – use it as a regular pad on other platforms. It is not yet known if this is only a software issue or if the device itself will have to be disassembled. This is important because how difficult it will be to activate Bluetooth on the controller will determine how many users actually choose to make such modifications.

Still, I think it’s a fantastic move by Google. In the comments, users are asking for the whole project to be presented as open source, which would allow people more interested in precision electronics and software to modify the pad to connect to devices we wouldn’t think of connecting to. Well, we’re living in an age where someone ran Doom on a smart fridge, so at this stage why not pair the fridge with a controller and turn the kitchen into a gaming station.

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