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“Jack could have lived”, how the ending of “Titanic” could have been different / amazing

A classic film released in 1997 Titanic broke several records. He spent years as the biggest box office champion of all time, a title he held until 2010. To capitalize on the 25-year-old film, writer and director James Cameron revisited one of its final scenes. It answered a question that has plagued fans of the plot for years: would Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) have survived if he had joined Rose (Kate Winslet) on a floating door at sea?

Scientific tests are part of the special National Geographic

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Still, Cameron believes that in the end, nothing would have changed if Jack stayed true to himself. “I think his mindset was, ‘I’m not going to do anything to put him in danger,’ and that’s totally part of the character,” concluded the director.

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