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Jake Paul Says Dana White Is “Doing Everything You Can To Stop Me” Before Silva Fight

Jake Paul is no stranger to fighting UFC president Dana White through the media, exchanging fists for fighter wages. and Paul’s position in combat sports

Before his match with Anderson Silva, Paul’s relationship His relationship (or his unrelated relationship) with White took a different turn. According to reports of celebrities on social media In interviews with media outlets including Cageside Press, following an open exercise Thursday, Paul accused White of sending his team a letter to suspend and retire before the race, among other tactics. some of which he claimed that he could not talk about

“The list continues. Some things I can’t even say. But he sent a cease and desist for my content promoting this fight. and doing really shady things behind the scenes,” Paul says, “and we’re like searching for things. more and more As the promotion progresses I’m sure I’ll talk about it later.”

For his motivation for White “I think that’s because I’m the number one person who reveals his business model and how much of a shark he is. And how badly he treats his fighters,” Paul said.

Paul talked about reuniting the fighters for MMA again this week. In fact, he even went so far as to bet against Silva on the outcome of Saturday’s fight: If Paul wins, Silva. Must join to help Paul build a fighter union.

However, White was integral to Jake Paul’s fight against Anderson Silva on Saturday night in Glendale, AZ. The 25-year-old conceded a lot: “He said I wouldn’t fight Anderson Silva, one of the greats of the UFC and now I’m fighting him And mostly he promotes that. He’s the one who— He’s the reason I fought this time. is to prove him wrong and keep his mouth shut.”

Paul also confirmed that White banned both his friend and himself from UFC events. “He did everything he could to stop me and my friend, I guess.”

Another of Paul’s allegations involved the media. According to Paul White, “tell reporters not to talk about me. because he didn’t want my quarrel to be that big. He wants to be the only cash cow in town. He wanted to open a fighting game. And I pose a threat to him to do so.”

Later, Paul said, “the truth always comes out,” and added, “What he doesn’t know is that he put fuel into the fire. He tried everything he could to stop me. But it was great that I kept an eye on him that he felt threatened enough to be so conscious about it to try to sabotage my work.”

Jake Paul meets Anderson Silva on Saturday October 29, 2022 at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona. The event is broadcast live on Showtime PPV and worldwide.

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