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Job interview. direct your professional career

The job interview should be seen by the candidate as a way to guide his professional career through its important points resume.

Job interview. direct your professional career

Nervousness is inherent in the assessment situation. Therefore, professional recruitment and selection able to face this reality. However, when a candidate allows anxiety to get the better of them, they can adopt an attitude of professional self-sabotage by underestimating their job interview performance.

The candidate should present himself positively during the job interview. However, your behavior should be natural. Therefore, paying full attention to your gestures and the construction of your narrative is a fundamental factor in this process.

Highlight your professional trajectory

You can bring to a job interview situations that strengthen your professional potential by emphasizing your positive points. For example, talk about your initiative; people management; ease of dealing with external factors; project monitoring; training preparation; sense of urgency; analytical ability; creating a relationship between the brand and its audience; activity monitoring digital marketing; among other aspects related to your professional profile.

balance information

The candidate must know how to organically talk about his professional experience. Therefore, it is also important that you know how to channel your negative points. However, it is desirable that you find a solution for each of your negative notes. For example, you might present yourself as someone who has difficulty speaking in public. However, it is important to emphasize that you want to study theater to expand your communication skills.

Take a firm stand

Your demeanor should accompany your narrative. Therefore, as a candidate, it is important that you pay attention to your gestures and tone of voice.

Do not leave your hands folded during the job interview. maintain visual contact with the specialist carrying out the selection process; control your tone of voice to build a solid narrative; do not leave objects in your lap; work your breath; try to arrive early to the job interview location.

make adjustments

As you can see, there are several aspects that can guide a candidate’s demeanor during a job interview. Therefore, it is important that you make adjustments on these points so that you can apply yourself in a confident and authentic manner, thereby guiding your professional career.

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